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2024 Calendar Sale


Stay tuned to learn more about our 2024 "Thanks For The Memories" Calendar

OwlPhibia Calendar Cover

We appreciate everyone who took the time to submit an application to join our Calendar project!

We only had space for 17 people to come on board, and it was not an easy decision with so many wonderfully talented artists sharing their work with us!!  They are each so talented in their own right!!

We have 12 Calendar page artists, 2 5"x7" print artists and 5 sticker artists in total as part of this project!

We will be selling 200 calendars and this will NOT be a pre-sale!!!

Join us as we bid farewell to TOH once more, throughout 2024!

We proudly introduce our
"2024 Calendar Crew"

TheaArtsz - Page Artist/Merch Artist/Cover Artist/Calendar Producer
Twitter TheaArtsz 
Instagram TheaArtsz 
TikTok TheaArtsz 
YouTube TheaArtsz 

Allie Schaff - Sticker Artist
Twitter theartistallie
Tumblr whisperingrockers
clawthony - Sticker Artist
Twitter claw_thony
Instagram clawthony
Dexsterpiece - Page Artist
Twitter Dexsterpiece 
Instagram Dexsterpiece 
TikTok  Dexsterpiece 
DeviantArt Dexsterpieces

Finn - Page Artist
Twitter Finnoky
Instagram Finnoky 
Tumblr Finnoky
Gibbledygoo - Page Artist
Twitter  Gibbledygoo
Instagram Gibbledygoo
Tumblr Gibbledygoo
JustWiffer - Page Artist
Twitter JustWiffer
Instagram just.wiffer

KittyKichi - Page Artist
Twitter KittyKichi
Instagram KichiKanabe
Tumblr KittyKichi
MattMonss - Sticker Artist
Twitter LeMattMonss
Instagram MattMonss
Oly - Print Artist
Twitter curseoftheduck
Instagram olyinflight
Tumblr mithrilduck

Potin - Page Artist
Twitter ani_potin and P_goods_factory
Instagram ani_potin and P_goods_factory
Tumblr ani-potin
Prezth - Page Artist
Twitter  Prezthdoesstuff
Instagram  prezthdoesthings 
raspbi - Page Artist
Twitter raspbi 
Instagram raspbi 

RebeccaArtsy - Sticker Artist
Twitter rebecca_artsy
Instagram rebeccaartsy
Tumblr rebeccaartsy
Rileyclaw - Page Artist
Twitter  Rileyclaws 
YouTube Rileyclaw 
Tumblr  Rileyclaw 
RoxiPaws - Page Artist
Twitter Wittebanger 
Instagram Wittebanger 

Speedy Sketch - Page Artist
Twitter  SpeedySketchva
Instagram  SpeedySketch_va
Taigalaxy - Sticker Artist
Twitter  Taigalaxy
Tumblr  Taigalaxy
FurAffinity  TaigaNoTengoku
Inkblot  TaigaNoTengoku
Yami.Puff - Print Artist
Twitter  yami.puff
Instagram  yami_puff