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Stars Align

Stars Align Cast Lineup
Stars Align Cast Lineup

Stars Align is a slice-of-life fantasy that follows Dakota Rivers, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Penny LeBlanc, who are given magical necklaces that will help them save the Dream World (and theirs) from darkness.

(If you are a fan of LGBTQ+ stories, this is definitely for you)


Please enjoy some beta prequel comic strips from 2018!


Stars Align first came to Thea at the young age of eight in a dream and was originally called “The Adventures of the B.F.F.’s”.  She believes her imagination was inspired from reading two of her favourite series at the time (Rainbow Magic and Thea Stilton).  The original story was that four friends (based on her and three of her friends back then) found necklaces that opened a portal in their closets allowing them to enter an unknown dimension.  She wrote the first chapter and a paragraph of chapter two, but nothing came of it due to her age and the previously unknown ADHD creating focus complications. 

Original Concept BFF Adventures Pg. 1
Original Concept Pg. 1 - Click to Enlarge
Original Concept BFF Adventures Pg. 2
Original Concept Pg. 2 - Click to Enlarge