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Stars Align

Stars Align first came to Thea at the young age of eight in a dream and was originally called “The Adventures of the B.F.F.’s”.  She believes her imagination was inspired from reading two of her favourite series at the time (Rainbow Magic and Thea Stilton).  The original story was that four friends (based on her and three of her friends back then) found necklaces that opened a portal in their closets allowing them to enter an unknown dimension.  She wrote the first chapter and a paragraph of chapter two, but nothing came of it due to her age and the previously unknown ADHD creating focus complications. 

Original Concept BFF Adventures Pg. 1
Original Concept Pg. 1 - Click to Enlarge
Original Concept BFF Adventures Pg. 2
Original Concept Pg. 2 - Click to Enlarge

The story stayed with her though, and over time it transformed into what it is now.  A story about three girls, who had never met, finding parts of a necklace that transport them to another dimension in trouble needing their help.  They must learn to work together in order to save Empress Ourania and the six “realms” dependent on her.  No animated story would be complete without adorable little puffball creatures, and Stars Align delivers that with the Squiggs. 


Through Instagram Thea introduced the world to Stars Align by sharing character drawings and prequel comic strips going as far back as 2018.  She gained a slight fan base, with some drawing fanart of their favourite characters.  Seeing this makes her happy and helps keep the inspiration going. 

ps. Click on a small image to enlarge.

Prequel 1
Prequel 2
Prequel 3
Prequel 4
Prequel 5
Prequel 6
Prequel 7
Prequel 8
Prequel 9
Prequel 10

Thea has completed writing the Pilot episode and is working on the Season one outline. She also has a plotline for Season two as well as a short animated film following Season two.  We were fortunate to join forces with Boldbird Studios to help bring it to life.  It will be a few years process but we hope people will find it worth the wait.  Episode one will premiere when completed on YouTube, but until then you can follow her Stars Align Journey through here, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.  She will continue to post updated Character drawings, and story based illustrations along the way. 

Stars Align Cast Lineup
Stars Align Cast Lineup
Stars Align Poster