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changes coming…

Changes are happening with how we run TheaArtsz sales and this website! We will continue to use PayPal and Google Forms (with new item sales) for the foreseeable future as this has worked fine for us. Trying to get ecommerce up and running and not… Read More »changes coming…

RE: Shipping

This is being written in hopes to better explain the new shipping guidelines… Please note, this is mostly my decision! Going forth we will PUBLICALLY only be shipping to the United States, Australia and within Canada! This is mostly due to the new EU rules… Read More »RE: Shipping

happy 1 year!

Today, August 7th, is one year since not only registering TheaArtsz as an official business with our provincial government…but also launching her first official sale as a registered business!!! What a year it has been! Over this journey she has met some wonderful people and… Read More »happy 1 year!

June 2023 Pre-Order Update 3 (07-28-23)

The add on charms for June’s Pre-Sale order arrived today!!! They turned out amazing and we hope you all are as happy to receive them as we are!!! They will be sitting waiting for the pins to join them, hopefully soon! Stay tuned….

march 2023 pre-order update 2 (04-14-23)

We received this from our manufacturer today!!! They look AMAZING!!!! The Lumity Kiss pins have officially finished production, and the Lumity Pride Set are currently in the platting process!!! So exciting!!!! Stay tuned…

Merch Ideas…

What would you like to see? Making merch of her favourite things is something Thea had been wanting to do for a while. My hesitation hindered her up until last year. Her first item she made was a pin of her Star’s Align main three… Read More »Merch Ideas…


We would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We are grateful for the amazing support for Thea throughout 2022! It was a journey we won’t forget as we navigated through trial and error. Both positive and negative experiences helped us learn and we… Read More »HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Stars Align Update

Creating Stars Align is a passion project for Thea. It is something she wants to achieve for a few reasons. Living with disabilities can be overwhelming and daunting, but even those with disabilities have dreams, goals, and aspirations. The only difference is the journey along… Read More »Stars Align Update