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February pre-order FINAL update (05-02-23)

We are so excited to do our FINAL February Pre-Order update!!!

Thea and I spent the last week packaging everyone’s orders for Canada Post to be able to pick up yesterday (May 1st)!!

We split the process up and do it over multiple days (five days I believe it was) to ensure it is not too much on us physically and do our very best to make no errors!

We were so excited to put our new stamp to use (arrived the day we were prepping to package the envelopes with stickers and business cards (each item comes with a complimentary sticker). It was disinfected to use right away (yes, I am still very careful regarding surface Covid transmission due to our collective health issues). We LOVE the stamp and how nice it looks on the envelopes! All stickers are designed by Thea and printed then cut with our Cricut Maker.

We have many colour options with our little mesh bags, so we went with green and gold for the Huntlow pins, and purple and pink for the Lumity Glow pins. We only have a pink option for the larger mesh bags so that is what the standees went in. Thea is so excited to be using our new backing cards for this whole order! We even have new larger backing cards, which went in with the standees!

We were able to cover the Lumity pins with a blanket to get a quick picture of them glowing. We were not able to do so once we finished opening the Huntlow pins and checking them over for quality as we were both very sore and tired by that point and still had to get them all onto the backing cards and into their mesh bags (we are very sorry for that)

Days four and five were spent packaging orders into the mailers (day four) and then creating labels and affixing them to the completed packages (day five). We then found a big box to put them in on day six (yesterday, May 1st – pick up day) to be delivered to our amazing customers who have waited so patiently for them – and we sincerely thank you for that!!!

One final picture I will share is of our sweet furbaby Maisie…if you have looked through Thea’s website you may have seen little pictures of her as page breakers…

Maisie is our mascot…if you will…and watches over us as we work…injects herself whenever possible…and loves my stacks of papers (the orders printed out). She is the sweetest girl (13 years old and we have had her in our family for nine years now), and I thought it would be nice to end the February pre order journey with her…