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another important update: january 27, 2023

Sasha Standee from August Pre-Sale

I apologize now for how long this update may end up being…

Firstly, we are so happy to be caught up on sales! June, July and August have all been successfully packaged and sent out! August was picked up this last monday (the 22nd) and many have received them today (yay)!

We launched the calendar sale, and are now in the process of selling the leftovers from original run!

I was very detailed in my last update (blog before this one) regarding my health, so I will refrain from going into it again. What I will say is, it did not get better! I am still struggling, but it is more manageable since entering the new year and getting caught up on orders!

Now on with the business updates:

1. Going forth we will only be shipping to the following countries: Canada, United States and Australia. We are sorry to those this affects, and this decision was not made lightly! Please do not be upset with Thea as I was the one to make this decision!

2. The Penny super mini comic that was to go with a previous order will still be happening and those who were to receive it will still be emailed the PDF when it is ready to the email provided during ordering process!

3. Stars Align comic is still going to happen, but will most likely not be released until 2025 at some point (joys of being disabled and doing all the drawing yourself!). We appreciate the support and patience on this, as well as all the packaging delays!

4. TheaArtsz store will be opened potentially next month (February) with only 5 or 6 items available. We have plans to be doing item rotations once a month, meaning each month new items will be offered. If there are items left once a change up occurs they will be offered again another time. We do not want to overwhelm buyers or ourselves by offering too much at once (lesson learned with the overstock sale)!

5. Thea struggles keeping up with socials (it overwhelms her more and more), and we all know the algorithms on them are not the greatest anymore! So, this website and emailing any questions you may have to are the best ways to be kept up to date with the goings on of TheaArtsz. I have encouraged her to become more active on Instagram over Twitter, so we will see what happens. I have created a Facebook Fan page for her that I update on and will be trying to do so more often as well that can be found here!

I believe that covers the majority of what I wanted to update on. If you have any questions please reach out to me via email (the one mentioned above).

Tomorrow (January 28th) is Thea’s 20th Birthday!!!! When she entered my life 20 years ago, I never dreamed the talent she was blessed with, and that I would have the honour to watch her grow and blossom into such an amazingly wonderful person and artist! She has so many wonderful supporters, but know I am her first and biggest fan 😉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THEA!!!!