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april 2023 pre-order update 7 (07-16-23)

Quick update…

My apologies as the next update for April should have been the last, but here we are…another update before the last…

Due to health issues from extreme stress and having to cover this whole house with plastic for our landlords to do work, we are in healing mode mentally and physically.

I (Thea’s mom) came close to passing out on Friday (two days ago) from it all coming to a head (it is the day they came) from a massive panic attack.

It is no secret that I continually worry about Covid, especially with surface transmission (why things go into “quarantine” after arriving. My other issue I deal with is being a germaphobe in general along with things becoming “dirty” from outside contaminates (things that were issues I dealt with prior to Covid). Pre-Covid I had us changing clothes after being out – we basically had indoor and outdoor clothes. The vents were being cleaned (one of three things being done Friday along with the furnace being maintenanced and the smoke alarms being checked – which they needed replacing) and with that came hoses that were not clean and who knows if Covid was on them being dragged all over this house. I would not have had the energy or strength to do the disinfecting that needed to be done after that, so I decided to cover this whole house in plastic!

While the work was being done the kids (Thea and her brother) were in a tent (that I had to buy specifically for this to be done) with our kitty Maisie (TheaArtsz mascot) and they were hot and overwhelmed. Poor Maisie was panting a lot because she is strictly an indoor cat. Thea and her brother were both struggling greatly with the noise from the machine that was in the truck sucking the debris being cleaned out of the vents through the hose.

Following the ordeal, after I had torn all the plastic down and the kids and Maisie were back in the house they both (the kids) crashed pretty hard sleeping on and off for about 24 hours. They were mentally and physically exhausted.

Myself, I have struggled with pain extremely heightened (I am used to constant pain as I have lived with it for years, but this is more than I am used to) and am currently taking a pain pill mix of Ex-Strength Acetaminophen and Ex-Strength Ibuprofen switching back and forth every four hours and am still hurting. Between moving a bunch of furniture, putting up plastic everywhere and the stress of them coming setting off my OCD, PTSD (feeling a loss of control for both), Claustrophobia (from the plastic and briefly being in the tent with kids and Maisie) and my panic disorder w/phobias I have worn myself down far too much.

With all this said (and I am sorry for the length), we are having no choice but to put off – by one week – sending out April’s order. I need to make sure I am okay enough to not reaggravate my body too soon and not make silly mistakes when packaging.

Please forgive us for this. We appreciate the patience, but in retrospect we weren’t planning to send them out until early August because they technically weren’t supposed to arrive until the end of July…so we will still be on track for our original ship out expectation.

Please, if interested, find below the pictures from our home full of plastic, the tent the kids and Maisie were in and Maisie in our living room full of plastic. The kids room and living room were done Thursday night and a video was done so that will not be included.