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Behind the scenes…

Thea and I were feeling bad about the re-sale orders having no bookmarks…

To make up for it we decided to substitute with stickers! We hope everyone enjoys 🙂

We print and cut stickers at home using an Epson 8500 ecotank printer to print out on Vinyl Matte sticker paper then cut them out using a Cricut Maker. The quality is quite nice with the ink adhering well. They are also waterproof, to a degree. We tested running water over it and aside from the backing getting a little wet, the sticker did not seem damaged!

We are so thankful to have orders coming in for the left over calendars we have! Two months ago we were anticipating receiving our order, not knowing two weeks later everything would turn upside down on us leaving our amazing customers waiting longer than anticipated to have their calendars shipped out to them. Another week passed and with a rerun being no better than the original we felt defeated! Not wanting to let people down we picked ourselves up and searched to find newprint! Within a week we were back in business and just before Christmas calendars were en route to their new homes!

Our living room has become TheaArtsz work central zone!