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Emily's New Dog

Under Construction

In grade 7 Thea had an assignment to make a children’s book.  She had a lot of fun doing it, using her iPhone and Ibis paint to create it digitally.  She has thought of doing more as a series with Emily experiencing new things, but with an updated art style.  We have decided to offer it for sale as a digital download along with a downloadable PDF to be able to print out your very own hard copy.  With the printable download you will receive a permission form to have one (1) copy printed.  We ask that you only print one hard copy per purchased download.  Please read the instructions below for how to print the pages properly to form the little booklet. 


Print out instructions for Emily's New Dog: There will be three sheets of letter size (8.5" x 11") paper needed to print the six pages front and back. Our suggestion is to print on a little thicker than regular paper with a gloss or coated finish (to avoid seeing through to the other side).
NOTE: Detailed instructions with images are included with each download.

What pages to print together (front and back):

To PrintFront of sheetBack of sheet
Sheet 1Cover (Leaf 1)pages 1 & 10 (Leaf 2)
Sheet 2pages 9 & 2 (Leaf 3)pages 3 & 8 (Leaf 4)
Sheet 3pages 7 & 4 (Leaf 5)pages 5 & 6 (Leaf 6)

Assembly: Sheet 1: cover face down Sheet 2: pages 9 & 2 face down on top of Sheet 1 Sheet 3: pages 7 & 4 face down on top of Sheet 2 Fold together and staple twice on the seam.