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Exciting Moment for thea!

Recently Thea was commissioned to design a pin for a regular in her Discord group. She loves designing merch so, of course, she said yes. Merch commissions is something she would like to branch more out to so this was a good tester for her.

Little did she know it would be shared and seen by the voice actor of the character she was asked to draw! Lilith is one of her favourite characters and the dynamic of Lilith and Hooty makes her happy (my guess is it reminds her of the bond with her favourite auntie).

Not only did Lilith’s voice actor, Cissy Jones, see it, but called it “gorgeous”!!!

To say Thea was excited is an understatement! She was reminded of another time Cissy saw one of her artists creations and commented, again, excitement overflowed!

One thing to note is that with Thea’s mental health excitement often causes, what we call, a tanking moment for her. Her body reacts the same way to excitement as it does to stress. She did need recuperation time following this excitement, but that is okay because at the end of the day it how good it makes her feel to help others be happy and that they enjoy what she offers into the world far outweigh “the tank times”.

Thank you Cissy for the kind words! Thank you to the one who commissioned it for loving it so much you shared it to Twitter and tagged Cissy to see it! Thank you to all her supporters who help keep her going with her passion!