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happy 1 year!

Today, August 7th, is one year since not only registering TheaArtsz as an official business with our provincial government…but also launching her first official sale as a registered business!!!

What a year it has been!

Over this journey she has met some wonderful people and she is very grateful for having an amazing Discord group, many who have been there since the beginning!

Over this last year we have done 11 merch pre-sales and 1 calendar pre-sale. We are so fortunate to have two amazing merch manufacturers who continue to astound us with their high quality items for our customers!

Although there were many hiccups this last year, and both Thea and my health struggling in multiple ways, we have continued on and hope to keep going for a long while!

Another achievement this past year was Thea being able to get back into her own story Stars Align! After going back to what she originally wanted to do (comic/graphic novel) things changed for her and being able to still incorporate voice actors (which we have found wonderful, amazing and talented voice actors to do this) has been the icing on her artistic cake!

Being able to host not one, but now two Collaborative Calendars has been an honour! Both teams are so talented and we are grateful to have/have had them on board with Thea!

On top of doing her own sales, Thea was also included on three other amazing collaborative projects with Grimoire Zine, Our Duet Zine and Potin’s Thanks For Watching collaboration sale!

Finally…NONE of this would be possible without the wonderful support of each and every person who has purchased anything from her over this last year! To those who have purchased everything…you are our MVP’s and we are so blessed with the love and support from you all!

Join us (below) as we look back at all Thea’s sales since August 2022…

(please note, the August’s Amphibia Cloud Pins, September’s TOH Standee and October’s Group Slushy Pin are all being rerun in the next few months so be sure to keep watch on her socials and this website for more information on those sales!)