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We would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

We are grateful for the amazing support for Thea throughout 2022! It was a journey we won’t forget as we navigated through trial and error. Both positive and negative experiences helped us learn and we are grateful for the patience from wonderful customers as we did our best to fulfil orders.

May everyone have a great 2023!!!

Be sure to stay tuned for some more amazing merch from TheaArtsz and the launching of our online store (with a twist) at some point.

Some of the items being offered in 2023:
~ A TheaArtsz Bundle featuring another artist with 20 items
~ 2024 Calendar
~ Pins
~ Standees
~ Charms
~ Shaped Pillow

If you can’t wait until our store launches join her Discord Group with monthly pre sales available…

To see some of the amazing items that were available in 2022 be sure to check out Thea’s TikTok video…