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Overstock sale 2023

Thea and I would like to thank everyone who took part in our Overstock Sale!

This sale was our first, and last, of this kind!!

We ran into so many hiccups and issues, and it caused a fallout of my mental health!

We are beyond appreciative for those who placed an order, and all the patience given to us while trying to navigate the madness that ensued from day one!!!

Today Canada Post picked the items up and they are now officially en route to all their new homes!!! SO EXCITING!!!

There are a few things left, and they will be put in the online store (planned for the new year here on so be sure to keep watch) for anyone who may like to purchase then!

The items left are as follows:
~ TOH Jumbo Pin (8)
~ Lumity Blossom Standee (4)
~ Lumity Float Charm (5)
~ Amphibia Winter Shaker Charm (8)
~ Lumity Pride Pin Set (8)
~ Amity Pride Pin (1)
~ Lumity Glow Pin (3)
~ Lumity Kiss Pin (1)
{there are no A grades left of these items}

A sticker accompanied each item sold. These were a randomized pairing (for the most part) and they will be found in the envelope included. Below are the stickers that were used for this Overstock Sale. We printed and cut out more designs, and all these stickers are what went with previous items in our Pre-Sales from August 2022 through to April 2023). We were left with many extras so we may offer up sticker packs in the future to rehome them as well!

About a third of our sales were new buyers and we were so honoured with how much her previous merch was sought out. At the same time we felt horrible that this was the first experience of buying from TheaArtsz! We do hope those who were new for this sale will not hold the discombobulation against us!

Those who did not choose tracked will have their photo proof of their package with the shipping label affixed emailed to them by end of day (September 14th).

Again, thank you so much to those who supported us in this sale as it helped raise money to make the 2024 Thanks For The Memories Calendar being an in hand sale a reality! We can now afford to buy everything outright! So also be on the lookout for that sale as well in November here on the TheaArtsz website!

One last photo to share as we close the chapter on this Overstock Sale “adventure” with you all…
Amazon boxes come in handy to hold the packages for handing over to our Canada Post pick up people

Until next time…