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RE: Shipping

This is being written in hopes to better explain the new shipping guidelines…

Please note, this is mostly my decision!

Going forth we will PUBLICALLY only be shipping to the United States, Australia and within Canada!

This is mostly due to the new EU rules which makes us add phone numbers (which I do not feel comfortable asking people I don’t know for) and tariff codes need to be added which means staying on top of knowing what they are for everything we sell and making sure to remember to add them in. If full names, phone numbers and tariff codes are not added, packages can be rejected! This is added stress, worry and work I do not need when making labels and sending out orders!

Why did I state “publically”?
Thea has a Discord group, and the rules are different for those within it, and they have some perks for being part of it! We are not adding people at this point in time, and when people are added it is selective. We have done this for protection of Thea and those already in the group. We have a pretty harmonious thing going and after someone caused complications last year we chose to really tighten the reins on entry.
Those within the group, that live outside of the countries we are publically sending to, will still be able to order. We are in contact with them through the group and have created a connection.

One last thing:
EVERYONE will now have only tracked shipping option! We are no longer going to stress about not being able to track packages and if they will or won’t make it (because we are not updated by people on if they get them). Yes I am aware tracked is more costly, and for that I am sorry, but I can’t control what Canada Post charges! Also, due to us having a small business account with them we do receive discounts on prices – which we then pass on to those who order!

(Please remember these are Canadian prices)

Prices will be based on location, weight and distance from us (Southern Ontario) ranging between $12.00 and $30.00 usually).

United States:
Up to 0.100 kg = $10.00
0.101 – 0.250 kg = $12.00
0.251 – 0.500 kg = $16.00
0.501 – 1.000 kg = $23.00
1.001 – 1.500 kg = $27.00
1.501 – 2.000 kg = $29.00

Up to 0.100 kg = $24.00
0.101 – 0.250 kg = $25.00
0.251 – 0.500 kg = $37.00
We would prefer to not send anything heavier than 0.500 kg due to cost, but I will include the rest for reference
0.501 – 1.000 kg = $61.00
1.001 – 1.500 kg = $72.00
1.501 – 2.000 kg = $81.00