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Stars align update (03-05-2023)

Our first blog posted was December 7, 2022 (please feel free to go read it after this as it is informative of why we put the project on hold) and almost three months later we return with another…

It came to our attention a situation with the studio we partnered with back in July 2022. We were excited and anticipated being able to bring Stars Align to life with more ease. Shortly after joining with them Thea unfortunately suffered a mental and physical health setback leaving us no choice but to pause her passion project.

Thankfully the studio understood and Thea worked on bettering herself and refinding her passion for drawing the characters she created and adores.

Just yesterday Thea and I started talking about going forth with the character introductory clips that will help artists coming onto the project practise and get their footing and share her characters with the world a little more. We are in the process of saving up money to be able to pay people something and by then we felt enough would be saved up to start the process.

Only a couple hours later Thea came to me with a concern about what she learned. A doc was released exposing a lot about the studio we were partnered with. What were the odds this would happen? We were genuinely in shock.

We collectively decided severing ties was the best option, especially for our health. We have been doing our best to avoid stress considering months of stress lead me to have a significant health issue arise which ended me in emerge in January.

This evening I sat down and read the doc personally, and I am now more confident in our decision.

So, with that said, TheaArtsz will now produce this as a sole enterprise and hiring on artists ourselves. We will pay what we can afford and any extra money that comes in from promotions, merch sales and hopefully YouTube monetization will be shared amongst all talent involved in bringing Stars Align to life.

Please note, Thea will not be earning money for this project as she would rather give it to those coming in to help!

Please keep posted for future updates.