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Stars Align update (05-12-23)

Due to health and financial reasons Stars Align will no longer be, in any way, animated. Also, Thea will no longer be hiring on a team, but rather go forth creating a comic series solo.

No matter how hard Thea tried, she could not move past seeing so much negative surrounding indie animations and the process of making them. She had such a passion at one point for doing animation, but now has nothing but anxiety at the thought of trying.

The few times she put out animated/animatic snippets of her characters they were often met with critiques and disapproval, which in turn became overwhelming. With the recent issues regarding indie animators coming forth with horror stories about mistreatments and not being paid well it piled on to her fears. She doesn’t care about making money herself, but was stressing about how to come up with the money to properly pay others, and fearing them ever being unhappy being a part of her project.

Thea is disabled with multiple health issues/conditions (please see her “About” page to learn more) with a recent add on of an Autism diagnosis. She is on disability and just does not have access to the thousands upon thousands it would take to properly pay an animation team.

We sat down today and talked about bringing on artists to help with a comic book series and found that, too, would become quite costly…again, something we would greatly struggle to make happen.

We are hoping she can complete the first issue by 2024 to release, and we hope it will be enjoyed by all who buy it.

Along the way, however, Thea will be slowly introducing her characters, and offering mini stories (more on that later).

Thank you to all for the amazing support and we hope you will continue doing so!

Also, we will still be having voice actors help bring the story to life (more can be learned how on the “Stars Align” page).

Thank you for your time…