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TheaArtsz Business Update 08-17-2023

Last months Pre-Sale brought forth a milestone for TheaArtsz…

We officially surpassed $30,000 in sales for 2023!!!

First and foremost we want to thank each and everyone who helped make this possible!! Please know, however, that not one cent has been used personally! It has all gone back into the business at this point!

Thea did not start this journey to make money, she started to be able to share her story (Stars Align) with the world. That morphed into her being able to make merch of her fan fixations and share decent priced merch with others. She knew the struggle to be able to purchase stuff on a limited budget.

She was also faced with not knowing what to do with herself being disabled and struggling to be able to work a regular job. Even with working for herself there are countless times she struggles to sit at her desk and draw. Interacting with customers/acquaintances becomes draining on her as well leaving her needing recuperation time. She appreciates everyone so much, and feels bad she isn’t as interactive as she would like to be able to be.

When we registered her business with the Ontario Government August 7, 2022 we had no clue what was going to come of things. Now, a year later we are having to register with the Canadian Government as a business!

Why are we having to do this? Well, that is the other side of this milestone she has reached…we now are being forced to register for a GST/HST number!

Now, I am sure non Canadians are wondering what this means, maybe even some Canadians are wondering as well…

As of our upcoming (this Sunday, August 20th) pre-sale we will now have to be adding taxes to our sales – but ONLY for Canadians!

We are so sorry this has to be done, but we strive to stay above board with everything business related!

The support from everyone for TheaArtsz has been a blessing to Thea because it has given her a sense of purpose in this insane world with her health struggling as much as it does so thank you so very much!

There is still so much more to come from her…so stay tuned…