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“B” Grade overstock pin sale fundraiser update (03/08/2024)

The photo’s above and below are/were available in our overstock sale of “B” grade pins from our 2023 pre-sales!

We are so grateful for the sales we have had so far!

This sale started March 4th and yesterday we I’ve already dropped off all but two orders with Canada Post!

The reason two were not sent is payment was not in prior to them leaving this house!

The tentative close date for this sale is March 17th (all money MUST be paid by 11:59 PM EST on that date) with pick up from Canada Post being March 18th! All orders between now and the 17th will go on the 18th!

Why the wait to mail out paid ones? I have zero plans to leave the house (we only go out when necessary, even having groceries delivered, due to health issues) and each time Canada Post picks up it comes with a cost of $3.96, and that can add up doing it multiple times, for only a couple packages at a time). We hope that can be understandable for everyone and we are sorry for the longer wait for your items!

Yes, there will still be a 24 hour payment rule to avoid your order being cancelled, but this is because items are not claimed until paid for, and being left on wait by people is unfair for numbers, staying organized and overwhelming!

Thea really wanted to do a fundraiser with our overstock items, and I was totally in support of the idea, so we landed on donating to a place that helps people like us. Victims/survivors of Domestic Violence/Abuse! We have two options of where to donate locally, and will make the decision soon! The home that we stayed a night at when Thea was a toddler, and the place both her and I have done programs/counselling through (it was in our city) closed a year ago, but there was a sister house in the city over and a program running out of a center that helps our cities people in many ways. It will go to one of those places.

We are currently at $2500 being donated (which is over half the profits from the sale. The remaining profits will be used for funding the upcoming Pride Pins she is making for Pride month! They will be bigger pins with multiple characters on each pin. She is super excited about them! Part of the profits from that sale will go to a local LGBTQ+ program/charity in our region!

Anyone interested in what pins are left, and how many available…here they are:
Sasha Pins – 42
Lumity Grom Pin – 22
Titan Luz Pin – 35
TFW Luz Pin – 12
TFW Amity Pin – 18
TFW Willow Pin – 22
TFW Hunter Pin – 13
Lumity Moon Pin Set – 30
Luz/Stringbean Pin – 95

If you are interested in any of these pins, and helping raise money, please visit the Overstock Sales page for more information and the link to the Google Form!

Thank you to everyone who purchased something! We hope you enjoy the pins!!!